Come Home And Discover
The Roots Of Wellness

Reclaim Your Natural Path
To Optimal Health

Due to COVID-19 The Retreat Is Now Set For:
November 27-December 4, 2021
In Arusha Tanzania

Pamoja Live! is an Opare Institute offering

If you're worried about your health and you don't want sickness to be a part of getting older...

If you're searching for a better, more natural way to look and feel your healthy best, mind, body and soul...

If you're longing for expert advice and guidance in a nurturing space that honors and affirms who you are...

Join Us For 8 days and 7 nights
to discover the roots of wellness
in Northern Tanzania - our original source of life

Chart a new healthy and vibrant life for yourself.
Sickness doesn't have to be a part of getting older.

Wrap Yourself In The Healing Arms of Mother Africa,
You don't want to miss it!

Once you’re registered your retreat experience begins. We’ll be in regular contact with you through email and video conference over the next few months to make sure you know what Tanzania is like, how to prepare for your travel and stay, and everything you’ll need to know to get the most of your experience during the retreat.

Arusha Tanzania, Nestled In The Foothills Of The Sacred Mt. Meru

“Mt. Meru is referred to as the dwelling place of the Gods by Egyptians and Indians. To the ancient Egyptians, Meru means ‘all things surrounding love’. In Sanskrit it means ‘center of the universe’. Meru is the heart of all things, including the radiant center of love within.” –  Caroline Shola Arewa, Opening To Spirit

The Accommodations

Set in lush gardens amid forest and crystal clear waters on the slopes of Mount Meru, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is a wonderful place to relax and simmer in the immense beauty of East Africa. The Lodge has been adapted from an early colonial farmhouse built in the early 20th century and it is one of the oldest family lodges in Arusha.  Ngare Sero has been providing personal service for its residents since 1974. 

Here you can spend the days amid nature, watching the changing colors of the Kilimanjaro glaciers while sipping drinks on the verandah or hiking in the forest inhabited by colobus and Sykes monkeys as well as hundreds of small animal and bird species. The Lodge is located only 30 minutes (20 km) away from Kilimanjaro International Airport and Arusha town centre and it is a perfect base to explore northern Tanzania.

Your Room

Relax and unwind in your luxurious garden room nested in the tranquil gardens with beautiful views of bougainvillea and jacaranda from your private verandah.

The Interior is individually decorated with East African fabrics and handmade furniture like study tables and ottoman sofas.

You’ll have an en-suite toilet, a bath tub and a dressing room.

This is the good life!


100% Vegan

Organic Meals Included

Dine on a delicious menu of healthy vegan and raw vegan delicacies featuring local recipes, Ama’s own recipes and flavorful dishes from around the African Continent.

Amazing, satisfying meals and new recipes you can take home to spice up your menus.

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Relax on the veranda and visit with new friends and old. Maybe Mt. Kilimanjaro will make an appearance.

Explore the lodge grounds

Stroll through the nature trails, take a boat ride on the private lake, see how many of the 200 species of birds you can see, and delight in the monkeys in the trees.

Visit The Garden Spa

Swim laps in the 30 meter pool or just sit back and relax. Massage available (additional charge).

Located in a small forest reserve with a very large biodiversity of flora and fauna beside a spring, Ngare Sero Lodge aims to set an example for environmentally friendly and socially responsible tourism.

Damming the spring has created three small lakes that support a healthy ecosystem of animals and birds. The Lodge generates their own hydro-electricity to power the lodge and the organic trout farm. All drinking water comes direct from the springs, and Ngare-Sero also supplies fresh water to the neighboring schools and villages. They are striving to be carbon neutral by absorbing our carbon production via indigenous tree planting and forest protection.

Ngare Sero supplies are as much as possible locally sourced. Most of the vegetables and salads served to guests come from their organic garden. Ngare Sero Lodge staff are from the local community and have had on the job training and improvement of skills. Internships are available to local school graduates to help get better job opportunities.

The Lodge collaborates with the village government and the authorities to protect the forest and its wild inhabitants, the water source and management of water extraction.

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The Experience

Be Transformed-Body, Mind And Spirit

You’ll feel the difference the moment you step off the plane.

The heaviness of your stress filled life will fall away as if it were a thick winter coat you no longer need. You’ll feel it in the fresh mountain air that kisses your cheeks. You’ll soak in the peaceful, warm and welcoming energy of the local people.

You’ve arrived in a place of abundance, of beauty and a way of life that has sustained its people for hundreds or thousands of years.

Karibu (welcome) to the luxurious Ngare Sero Lodge, your home for the next 8 days and 7 nights. The attentive staff will help you get settled into your sumptuous Garden Room and bring you a glass of fresh juice. Now you can breathe a big sigh of relief!

In the mountain alpine climate the days will be warm and pleasant and the nights cool. Perfect sleeping weather. Each morning you’ll wake up in paradise!

For the next week it’s all about you! Filling your belly with amazing vegan food, giving you the secrets to Optimal Health, and soaking in the beauty of the Arusha area.

You’ll start each day with fresh juice and journaling, and an invitation to daily meditation and yoga sessions. It’s an opportunity to listen within, dig deep and get to know yourself in a way that allows you to heal and grow from the inside out. In this place of stillness your deepest insights will be found.

We’ll go deep with lively discussions and workshops as we explore the roots of wellness with the Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living paradigm. You’ll discover the deep and fundamental process for creating Optimal Health for yourself and your family.

Each day we’ll explore the variety and culture that the Arusha area has to offer, the astounding natural beauty of Mt Meru, the peacefulness of village life, and the busy Arusha Town. You’ll see the strength and resiliency of African people. It’s a chance to gain some perspective on what is really important and how you want to live your life.

You’ll also have plenty of time to chill at the lodge. Relax at the garden spa pool, stroll through the grounds, or chillax with friends on the veranda. As they say, “there’s no hurry in Africa.”

You’ll be nurtured and well fed and inspired. You’ll look at yourself and your life in a new way. You will have embarked on a healing journey that will have lasting impact for you-mind, body, and spirit.

I promise you, if you come with an open mind and heart you WILL be changed. 

Yes! I'm Ready For A Change

Your Hosts

Nana Kwaku and Ama Opare have dedicated their lives to building a plant-based food revolution to stop needless suffering due to chronic disease. Their unparalleled expertise and background is uniquely qualified to guide you in the deep and fundamental process of healing.

Their education programs, Dr. supervised juice fasting, and coaching services give you the power create a healthy vegan or plant-based lifestyle you love.

Ama and Dr. Opare moved to the Arusha area in Northern Tanzania from Atlanta Georgia, USA in July of 2016. They continue to spread the truth about the healing power of of a plant-based diet. 

Helping you reclaim your natural path to health.

Nana Kwaku Opare MD, MPH, CA combines over three decades of experience in standard medicine, nutrition, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, osteopathic manual medicine. His Afrikan Natural Hygiene approach, grounded in the wisdom of the ages, is a revolutionary path to health, healing and creating Optimal Health Naturally.

Dr. Opare’s Optimum Fast juice fasting protocol has enabled his patients to quickly reverse their chronic disease and successfully make the transition to a healthier plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Ama Opare, BS, MA, MA brings her philosophy of learner directed, hands-on educational experiences and more than 30 years as an educator, curriculum developer, trainer, coach and program director to create a transformative experience where each participant can uncover what works for them. Her Thrive Framework provides patients and clients with a system for creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Ama is the architect of the Opare Institute online courses and social media presence. Through the Food For The Soul blog, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook she teaches the Afrikan Natural Hygiene approach to health and wellness.

Sickness doesn't have to be a part of getting older

Sounds Amazing! I'm Ready!


The Roots Of Wellness-Creating Optimal Health

Reconnect to the healing wisdom of the ages and of your own inner knowing. Engage MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT and create your Optimal health.


Your Wellness Foundation

Get the truth about what’s going on with you and the faith that you can deal with it and get better.

Optimal Health is your birth right! Learn the Rule Book And User Guide framework and discover how to engage your body’s amazing natural self-healing abilities to prevent and reverse disease. These are the foundations of wellness that have sustained our people for thousands of years.   


Your Personal
Path To Wellness

Find the strength and power to trust yourself, do the best you can and clearly see the options you have.

Find what works for you! Discover how to make your healthy lifestyle fit your real-world life. Learn how to look at the problems or obstacles you’ve been struggling with, with new eyes, and get creative with solutions to make healthy work for you no matter where you are.


Your Mind
Body Connection

Tap into the the core of who you are and your connection to your inner voice and the divine.

Engage the healing power of your thoughts and your connection to the divine. Start and end your day by nurturing your mind, body and spirit connection. Learn a basic yoga and meditation practice you can continue once you get back home. No experience necessary!

You’ll go home nurtured and renewed, empowered and confident, with a proven and time tested approach to health and wellness. You'll open your future up and be ready to live your Optimal Health lifestyle.

You'll go home with:

The THRIVE System-Your Framework For Success

Optional Add-ons (Additional Fee)

Individual Consultations

Dr. Opare will be available for a limited number of private consultations to discuss your personal health issues. 

Private Coaching

Ama Opare will be available for a limited number of private one-on-one coaching sessions to address your lifestyle challenges.

Explore The Local Culture And Sites

Discover a different way of life and a new perspective on what’s truly important.
It’s an opportunity to examine who you really are and how you want to live your life.

Village Tour

Let one of the lodge staff walk you through the lush Wameru villages on the slopes of Mount Meru, show you their homes, local primary and secondary
schools, and a little orphanage in the vicinity of Ngare Sero forest.

Cultural Heritage Center

Visit the amazing Cultural Heritage Center which features one of the best collections of art from all over the continent. It’s like a museum where everything is for sale!

Open Air Market

Explore the bustling scene at the open air market where you can shop for produce, textiles, practice your bargaining skills, listen to the Swahili language and meet the local people. 


Meet Pete and Charlotte O’Neal, Black Panthers, who have lived in exile for over 40 years. The United African Alliance Community Center is the home they’ve built that also serves as a children’s home, school, guest lodging, and the first stop for many expats such as the Opare’s. 

Maasai Market

Shop for souvenirs at the colorful and vibrant Maasai Market. The venders sell beautiful beaded jewelry and trinkets, shuka (the fabric worn by Maasai), paintings, carvings, t-shirts, and more. Be prepared for lots of haggling. It’s part of the African experience!

Expat Life

Hear the experiences of a number of US expats (or repats). Learn about why they are here, how their lives have changed, and their recommendations for those thinking of making Tanzania or other African country their home.

Optional Add-ons (Additional Fee)

During The Retreat

Coffee Tour

A two hour tour of a neighbouring coffee farm. You will be guided on a beautiful walk around the coffee plantation, learn about coffee processing at the factory and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with cakes of choice. Return home with some fresh roasted Mount Meru supreme coffee.

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is situated on the slopes of Mt Meru and is only half an hour drive from the lodge. Large animals including giraffe, hippo, buffalo and elephant can be seen as well as water buck, and suni antelopes. It has the widest floral diversity in Tanzania – from grassland through montane forest to heath and alpine desert as well as both soda and fresh water lakes.

Horseback or Bike Tours

Learn riding with one of the lodges five horses on the lodge grounds or go around the village trails on the green hilly slopes of Mount Meru.

Explore the vast slopes of Mt Meru on a mountain bike. On request only the lodge offers individual Mountain bike tours from 1hr to half day trips. These trips are not suited for beginners.

After The Retreat

2-Day Safari

Visit two of Tanzania's amazing National Parks

Day 1 – Tarangire National Park
Pick up from the hotel – two hour drive to park. Park covers an area of 1360sq km (525sq miles) with scattered Baobab trees, alternating with open acacia woodland, open bush plains, swamps and rivers. Wildlife like Elephants, Zebra, Giraffe, Dik Dik and Ostrich and different species of birds can be seen.
In the evening drive to Manyara Town for dinner and overnight at Rhino Lodge overlooking the crater. Full board.

Day 2 Ngorongoro Crater
After an early breakfast, you will descend into the crater to view wildlife. Apart from Big five animals, there is large number of flamingos, hippos and other water birds.
Late in the afternoon drive back to Arusha
Price will be determined by the group size.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Single Occupancy

Garden Rooms
$500 Deposit Reserves Your Spot
$ 3500 Per Person-12 Month Payment Plan
  • 7 Nights Lodging - 1 person
  • 3 Vegan Meals Each Day
  • Optimal Health Workshops
  • Thrive System Sessions
  • Personal Optimal Health Plan
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Meditation
  • Excursion To Arusha Town
  • Visit A Local Village
  • Shop At Open Air Market
  • Visit To UAACC
  • Expat Roundtable

Double Occupancy

Garden Room
$1000 Reserves Your 2 Spots
$ 6400 For 2 people-12 Month Payment Plan
  • 7 Nights Lodging 2 people
  • 3 Vegan Meals Each Day
  • Optimal Health Workshops
  • Thrive System Sessions
  • Personal Optimal Health Plan
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Meditation
  • Excursion To Arusha Town
  • Visit A Local Village
  • Shop At Open Air Market
  • Visit To UAACC
  • Expat Roundtable

Does not include the cost of your travel to Arusha Tanzania, Recommended Trip Insurance, or any of the add-on options.

Have Questions? Contact Us

Just send us a message and we’ll happily answer them.

About Tanzania And Arusha

Safe, Stunning, and Peaceful


Tanzania is in central east Africa and is bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. The eastern coastline is on the Indian Ocean.

Tanzania is known for its vast wilderness areas that are visited by tourist on Safari in hopes of seeing the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino). Kilimanjaro National Park is home to Africa’s highest mountain. Offshore lies the tropical island of Zanzibar, with Arabic influences.

Tanzania is a culturally eclectic and with over 120 ethnic groups and various religious beliefs. It’s extremely rich in age-old cultures and traditions. Swahili is the national language, with many people also speaking tribal languages. The population is well known for being friendly and polite to visitors. 

Consider extending your stay to explore and experience
the wondrous beauty of Tanzania.

 Take in a 1, 3, or 5 day safari to see the East African wildlife. Send a few days to relax on the beach in Zanzibar and explore the beauty of Stone Town. Or take in the city life of Dar es Salaam. Feeling adventurous? Take a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Nairobi, Kenya a cosmopolitan city is close by and worth a visit too!

Which ever you choose you won’t be disappointed! 

Arusha Region

Arusha is Tanzania’s gateway to the northern circuit of stellar national parks and the starting point for many a safari trips. The region is worthy of a visit in and of itself. It offers a glimpse into town life, village life, and stunning views of Mt. Meru. It’s one of the larger cities and is growing larger all the time. It is home to many foreigners, and tourists can often be seen walking through the central city area.

The town offers a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas – and, for the most part, it’s lush and green and enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year, thanks to its altitude (about 1300m) and its location near the foot of Mt Meru.

The wider Arusha area is an agricultural area due to the rich volcanic soil and the precipitation levels. Coffee, bananas, mangos, avocados, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, and potatoes are just some of the crops grown. 

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